CHEMOWARRIOR Around the World

Because Eli was treated at the Penn State Children’s Hospital, we participated in the annual Penn State Dance Marathon to raise money for pediatric cancer and the Four Diamonds Fund. As part of this experience, our family was paired with the PSU Field Hockey Club. Bret designed and printed some Chemowarrior bumper stickers and the Club students and alumni started taking them on their travels and posting photographs for us. Thus “Chemowarrior Around the World” was born and has grown. Stickers are now in 40 states and 15 countries. Check out the Chemowarrior instagram page to see many more photos!

Please note that we do not request or condone the placement of stickers on landmarks, natural elements or other places of public interest.  Holding up the sticker and taking a photo or taping it in place for the photo and then removing it is just fine with us!